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Gorilla Tag Adds Mute Option, 120Hz Support On Quest 2

Gorilla Tag Adds Mute Option, 120Hz Support On Quest 2

A new Gorilla Tag update has added support for different refresh rates, including 120Hz on Quest 2, and a mute option that lets you turn off voice chat.

Gorilla Tag now has more server locations, with servers in US West, US East and EU regions. Perhaps just as importantly, however, changes have been made to adapt to different and higher refresh rates, meaning that Quest 2 users on v28 can now play the game at 120Hz.

A mute button has been a highly requested feature since launch, especially with the increasingly popularity of the game. As the player base increases, so too have reports of toxicity and inappropriate behaviour over voice chat. Up until now, voice chat was mandatory with no way to turn it off. The latest update adds a mute option, so that a user can turn off voice chat for all the players in the server.

For those who own the Early Access supporter DLC, there’s also a new peeled banana hat for you to use in game.

Gorilla Tag is a PC VR and Quest title in Early Access that is exactly what it sounds like – it’s tag, but in VR and everyone is a gorilla. It has a deep and complex locomotion system that players have really grown to love.

It’s become a huge hit over the last few months, with several thousand players across multiple platform. The game received a new canyon map in beta last month, and some incredible custom maps thanks to a new custom map loader as well.

Gorilla Tag is free and available on Steam for PC VR and App Lab for Quest.

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