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Google's VR Headset Is Daydream View

Google's VR Headset Is Daydream View

Following the reveal of the Daydream mobile VR ecosystem earlier in the year, Google has finally revealed the first headset to support it, Daydream View. The headset comes with a controller and launches in November for $79.

The new device was revealed at the Made By Google conference in San Francisco today. As expected, Daydream View will run with any Daydream ready smartphone. That includes the two new smartphones Google itself revealed at the event – Pixel and the larger Pixel XL for $649. They feature HD AMOLED displays Qualcomm 821 Snapgradon Quardcore processors, and 4GB RAM. The only real difference between the two is size; the original is 5 inches, while the XL is 5.5 inches. Impressively, View connects to these phones wirelessly.

The headset is wrapped in fiber that comes in different colors, and offers a “nice field of view” though specifics are thin on the ground right now. Google claims it’s 30% lighter than similar headsets (read: Gear VR). Outside of the US, the kit costs $99 in Canada, £69 in the UK, €69 in Germany, and $199 in Australia.

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View also comes with a motion controller that’s closer in function to Nintendo’s Wii remote than it is an Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controller. It’s still incredibly accurate, though, and sturdy too; Google’s Clay Bavor accidentally dropped the device and it didn’t break. When you’re not using the headset, the controller tucks inside where the phone usually goes.

Several new experiences were announced for the device. They include a Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them game, based on J.K. Rowling’s book and upcoming movie set in the Harry Potter universe. CCP Games also confirmed Gunjack 2 using the new controller. Star Chart is also heading to the headset. Classic Google apps like Street View and YouTube will also be compatible.

The HBO and Netflix VR apps will also be heading to the platform, as will the New York Times’ VR experiences.

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