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Google's New WorldSense Trailers Show Standalone VR

Google's New WorldSense Trailers Show Standalone VR

This time yesterday we were expecting Google to reveal its own standalone VR headset, perhaps made in partnership with HTC. As it turns out, the company is working on a range of headsets, and HTC’s device is only the beginning.

Following the keynote conference at Google I/O yesterday, two new videos have surfaced online focusing on these new devices. The first is from Google itself, showing its WorldSense tracking system, but only in theory. I features a young girl ducking and dodging with an animated VR headset painted onto her head. It emphasizes the positional tracking these devices contain.

The second video looks at the second device to come out of the announcement; the standalone VR headset from Lenovo. It’s just a brief outline of the new kit’s features. We haven’t actually seen the device in the flesh yet.

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