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Google's Daydream View Headset Is Just $49 This Week

Google's Daydream View Headset Is Just $49 This Week

If you thought $199 for the Lenovo Explorer was cheap, wait until you see what Google’s Daydream View costs this week.

The Daydream-based device is currently on sale for just $49 (or £49 if you’re in the UK), which is just under half the original price of $99. Okay, granted, the headset is essentially just a piece of cloth with some lenses in it and not a full kit with integrated tracking like the Explorer, but that’s still a great price for anyone that already owns a Daydream-ready phone. And, yes, this is the second iteration of the device that debuted last year and addressed many of the issues with had with the original kit. The motion controller comes packed in.

The sale is running until April 28th. If you recently picked up a Galaxy S9 and are looking for something new in the VR space outside of your Gear VR, then this is a great place to start. Of course, the most obvious pairing is with Google’s own phone, the Pixel 2. Why not check out our list of the best Daydream games to help you get off on the right foot?

Elsewhere in Daydream-land, we’re not approaching the launch of the first standalone VR headset to join the ecosystem, the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Whether or not it’s $400 will be worth it remains to be seen.

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