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Google And YI's VR180 Camera Offers 5.7K Resolution

Google And YI's VR180 Camera Offers 5.7K Resolution

Lenovo isn’t the only company with one of Google’s new VR180 cameras on show at CES this week.

Earlier in the week YI Technology also announced its own contribution to the line of accessible VR cameras, the YI Horizon VR180. Like other VR180 products, the device offers a 180 degree field of view with two front-mounted cameras that can capture in stereoscopic 3D. There are also four microphones fitted around the device for authentic audio playback.

Horizon’s two sensors, though, can capture images in 5.7K at 30fps, providing crystal-clear imagery for viewing inside any headset that supports YouTube and/or Google Photos. The headset seamlessly integrates with these platforms to allow you to share content as quickly as possible. With Horzion, you’re able to instantly get online with a dedicated video streaming button but also interact with the world around you with the help of a 2.2-inch, 640 x 360 touchscreen fitted onto the device itself.

180VR cameras might not capture a full 360 degrees, but their reduced file size makes it much easier to get clear images within VR headsets. Lenovo’s entry into the market costs less than $300, though YI is yet to announce a price for the Horizon. It’s launching this Spring.

YI is also showing its 360VR and HALO VR rigs at CES this year. We’re still yet to see LG’s VR180 camera.

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