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Google I/O 2018 Dated, Watch For Daydream, ARCore Updates

Google I/O 2018 Dated, Watch For Daydream, ARCore Updates

Google’s biggest event of the year is nearing yet again, and it could be an important one for VR and AR.

Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, will run from May 8th to May 10th at its regular spot at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. The news was revealed by The Verge after solving several clues set by the company across the internet.

Tradition dictates that Google will kick off I/O with a massive keynote talk in which the company touches upon almost every area of its business. 2018’s show is bound to be an interesting one; at last year’s event Clay Bavor, Google’s VP of VR, introduced a new six degree of freedom (6DOF) standalone headset reference design for its Daydream mobile VR ecosystem that companies like HTC and Lenovo would build off of to release their own devices. Since then HTC has canceled its plans for the device (instead replaced by the Vive Focus), but at CES this month we saw Lenovo’s contribution, the Mirage Solo, for the first time.

With any luck, then, we might get a final date for Mirage Solo at this year’s show and we’re keen to see what else Google is doing to enhance the platform. Meanwhile, you can also expect updates on the ARCore side following last year’s launch. We wouldn’t hold our breath on a possible Pixel 3 announcement, though; that’s likely to come later this year.

We’ll of course be bringing you all the news from I/O this year, so stay tuned.

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