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Google Announces Native Unity Support For Cardboard

Google Announces Native Unity Support For Cardboard

Google’s newly appointed VP of virtual reality took the stage at the Unity Vision Summit to make some big announcements concerning the future of the search giant’s VR goals.

The first announcement from Clay Bavor was that Cardboard Design Lab will be completely open source. This is the app that provides aspiring developers with tips, assets and tools necessary to create Cardboard experiences regardless of experience level.

Native Cardboard support is also coming soon to Unity, according to Bavor. There will be no plugin to update and no separate installation. No release date was mentioned.

Bavor also offered an update for Project Tango, Google’s AR program. Featured images from his talk showed the platform being used to measure walls for construction, place digital furniture around a room, and guide you via a virtual footpath. Bavor also reminded the audience that Google is partnering with Lenovo to release a smartphone with integrated Tango support.

More news will be coming from the show floor all day.

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