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God Of Riffs Might Be The Metal-Focused Beat Saber You Want

God Of Riffs Might Be The Metal-Focused Beat Saber You Want

One of Beat Saber’s biggest issues is satisfying fans of every music genre, and metal is definitely one that isn’t as well represented in the VR hit.

God of Riffs might be the remedy to that situation.

Make no mistake – this is a Beat Saber clone through and through. But, instead of two lightsaber knock-offs, God of Riffs has you holding two guitars by their necks and thwacking skulls and skeleton warriors to the beat. The imagery in the game is exactly what you’d expect; Nordic landscapes and giant speakers booming away in the background. Check out the trailer below.

God of Riffs Trailer

God of Riffs will hit Early Access on SteamVR on July 27th. It’ll launch with four tracks and four levels, each inspired by a classic metal album cover. Developer Boss Music Games plans to keep it in pre-release for two to three months and add another four tracks and two more levels. Other game modes are also planned, but may be implemented after the full launch.

Will you be checking out God of Riffs? Let us know in the comments below!

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