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Ghostbusters VR Isn't Linked To Afterlife, May Feature Character Customization

Ghostbusters VR Isn't Linked To Afterlife, May Feature Character Customization

The recently-announced Ghostbusters VR isn’t a sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Sony Pictures VR’s Jake Zim confirmed as much to IGN’s Taylor Lyles. “It is not a sequel to Afterlife,” he said. “It does not go deeper directly into the stories. It is a new story, it’s a new concept, but it ties closely back into lots of things that people loved from Afterlife and the broader Ghostbusters world itself.”

We may see plenty of easter eggs calling back to older movies, then, but Zim confirmed there likely wouldn’t be any returning characters. Instead, Ghostbusters VR will feature a brand new story set in San Francisco, with a new team of budding Ghostbusters setting up shop.

Providing more quotes on her Twitter feed, Lyles also noted that character customization looked to be included in the game. “[C]haracter customization is a safe assumption to make right now,” Zim said. Given the game’s focus on cooperative multiplayer (though it can also be played in solo modes), this definitely seems like a great opportunity for some personalized outfits.

Currently we know that Ghostbusters VR is on the way to Quest 2. Last week we confirmed that it’ll be a launch exclusive for the platform, but nDreams says it will talk about coming to other headsets at a later date. Zim also reiterated that it was in VR’s interests to be on many platforms, adding: “[I]f you look at the larger ecosystem of how important the whole space is in terms of all the platforms and all the channels and growing the space, there’s so much room to grow, I think that’s really important for [Sony Pics VR], as a company, to consider.”

A launch window hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

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