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Ghostbusters VR Focused On Quest 2 'At Launch'

Ghostbusters VR Focused On Quest 2 'At Launch'

The just-announced Ghostbusters VR game is indeed a launch exclusive for Quest 2, but other platforms may arrive later on.

Following the game’s reveal at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase yesterday we reached out to developer nDreams to ask if the game would only be coming to Quest 2. “We’re focusing on Meta Quest 2 at launch,” the studio told us, “but we will share more information on the availability of the game on other platforms at a later date.”

It’s perhaps a little unexpected to see Ghostbusters VR coming first to Quest 2 given that the IP is owned by Columbia Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures. The game’s also being published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality. Though this division doesn’t fall under the operations of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which runs PlayStation and the PSVR headset, one might have assumed the close links would make a PSVR release a priority.

That said Sony Pictures VR has released games for all headsets in the past, so we equally wouldn’t have expected the game to be a PSVR exclusive.

Either way, it still seems possible that we’ll see the game on PSVR and/or PSVR 2 at some point. For now, we know that Ghostbusters VR will offer a full campaign with both solo and cooperative support for up to four players. You’ll team up with friends to build a new Ghostbusters HQ in San Francisco, using iconic gadgets to hunt supernatural spirits.

For more on the games announced during yesterday’s showcase, check out our extensive wrap-up report.

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