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Ghost Patrol Promises A Ghost Bustin' Good Time At VR Arcades

Ghost Patrol Promises A Ghost Bustin' Good Time At VR Arcades

Vertigo Arcades is preparing a spooky treat for the return of VR arcades in the future.

Revealed today on the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition, Ghost Patrol is a new four-player VR arcade game developed by Crazy Bunch. Take a look at the first trailer below!

It’s not hard to see where Ghost Patrol gets its inspiration from. This is a VR ghostbuster in which players fight off spirits by matching their color with the beams they shoot from their weapons.

As with other Vertigo Arcades projects, you’ll be able to walk around an area while the game uses elevators and other tricks to morph the environment around you. It’s an idea we’ve seen employed in other Vertigo Arcades projects like the location-based versions of Arizona Sunshine.

The game is coming to VR arcades at an unspecified date. Obviously these are tough times for the VR arcade industry (Vertigo Arcades itself is offering support), so it’s great to have a new reason to look forward to their return.

Ghost Patrol isn’t Vertigo’s only reveal of the show. We also had a first look at the multiplayer mode for its upcoming home-based VR title, Traffic Jams, developed by Little Chicken. Vertigo’s also working on its next big VR shooter, After The Fall, which we’re hoping to see more of in the near future.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. Tune in to the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition for a fresh look at Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife and Lonn along with much, much more!

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