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Gear VR Beats Daydream To Chromecast Support

Gear VR Beats Daydream To Chromecast Support

Mobile VR is taking yet more strides to becoming more social; Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR mobile headset will soon be getting Chromecast support.

Integration arrives via the latest edition of the Oculus Android app and the wider Android OS. That means that users will be able to mirror the image they see inside the headset to a nearby flatscreen so that others can see what they’re playing, a little like what can already be seen with Rift, Vive, and the social screen feature on PlayStation VR (PSVR). Gear VR could already livestream gameplay to Facebook, but this is a much more convenient option for those in close proximity to players.

The feature comes at an interesting time; earlier this month Google announced that its own mobile VR ecosystem, Daydream, will also be getting casting support via an upcoming update.

We also recently found out that Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S8, will be the first phone to support both Gear VR and Daydream when support for the latter launches in another upcoming update. We can’t wait to see how these recent shifts effect both platforms, especially as both Google and Oculus plan to launch their own standalone headsets in the near future too.

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