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GDC Day 2: Moss 2 Updates, Cities VR Nears & More

GDC Day 2: Moss 2 Updates, Cities VR Nears & More

The Between Realities team were up bright and early for the second day of GDC 2022, and we’ve got another first look at a new round of interviews straight from the show.

Yesterday Alex and Skeeva were talking to the developers of Zenith, Walkabout and more. Today, the pair caught up with Polyarc to talk about the imminent release of Moss Book 2, Fast Travel Games to discuss this spring’s launch of Cities VR and the recent arrival of Virtuoso.

Listen out for another few headlines, including hints about when we might see Moss 2 on other platforms, and possible launch windows for No More Rainbows and other indie VR titles.

Today sees the full GDC show floor open and there will be plenty more people to talk to, so make sure to check back later this week for the latest interviews. If you missed yesterday’s coverage, check that out here.

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