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GDC 2018: Oculus Home Is Getting Multiplayer, User-Generated Content

GDC 2018: Oculus Home Is Getting Multiplayer, User-Generated Content

You’ll soon be able to share your personal Oculus Home designs with other Rift users and even bring your own content into your space.

At its ‘Inside Oculus 2018′ session at GDC today Oculus confirmed that the new version of Home, which launched in beta late last year, is getting social VR support as well as user-generated content.

Social support should arrive on the platform this summer. It will allow users to form parties and even launch into apps together, providing developers enable support for this within their own apps. As you’d expect, friends appear as their personalized Oculus avatars. We don’t know what new features multiplayer will support at this point in time, though.

What this means for the long-awaited Rift version of Oculus’ Rooms software is also unclear at this point, though we’ll try to find an answer on the show floor.

As for user-generated content, Oculus explained that Rift owners will be able to upload objects in the GLB file format. There will be an in-VR tool for importing your content, too, which will hopefully make this a smooth process and allow you to make Home truly your own.

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