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GDC 2018: Apex Construct Dev To Show Gear VR Port With Inside-Out Tracking

GDC 2018: Apex Construct Dev To Show Gear VR Port With Inside-Out Tracking

Offering a full campaign with an entire world to explore, Apex Construct is the kind of VR game you wouldn’t think was possible on mobile platforms. But developer Fast Travel Games and semiconductor group Arm are setting out to prove us wrong at GDC next week.

Fast Travel will be at the show in partnership with Arms to showcase a prototype of its debut game running on Oculus and Samsung’s Gear VR headset using a Galaxy S8 smartphone. To be clear, this is strictly a prototype; Fast Travel doesn’t have any plans to actually release the game on mobile VR as of right now. Judging by the image below, though, it looks like the studio has done an impressive job porting the environments onto mobile VR.

Interestingly, the demo will feature inside-out tracking using the phone’s camera. As we all know, Gear VR doesn’t natively support six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking, though with the recent unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Qualcomm suggested that the platform could get such support if Samsung was prepared to work on it. This prototype could offer a rare glimpse of what that support would look like, then, though it won’t offer all of the interactive elements of the original game.

If you want to know how the developer pulled this off then you’ll want to head to Arm and Fast Travel’s talk on Wednesday, March 21st. Titled ‘Achieving Console-Like Experiences on Mobile with Apex Construct‘, this session will see the pair detail tips and tricks for getting the most out of mobile VR platforms.

GDC isn’t the only big event for Apex Construct next week; Fast Travel will also be launching the game on PC VR platforms (Rift, Vive and Windows) on March 20th.


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