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Gamescom 2019 Day #2: Iron Man VR, Espire 1 And More!

Gamescom 2019 Day #2: Iron Man VR, Espire 1 And More!

Pew, pew, pew! It’s Gamescom day two!

The aforementioned ‘pews’ are attributed to the fact we played Iron Man VR today. There’s been a lot of buzzing about how Marvel’s latest VR experience allows 360 degree tracking in VR. We wanted to put that to the test. Did it live up to it? Find out in our video recap over on YouTube!

But is that all? Nay, good reader; we’ve seen plenty more Gamescom VR goodness today. We got our latest look at Espire 1: VR Operative, a VR stealth game we’ve been looking forward to playing for some time now. Again, we snuck around, shot some guards and climbed a wall or two. You’ll have to watch on to see what we thought.

Elsewhere on the Gamescom roster we’ve tried some of the many, many indie VR games dotted about the show. Some of them we’d never heard of before, some of them we’d been looking forward to for a while.

Want more? We’ll have full impressions of everything we saw today a little later down the line. Keep your eyes peeled for those articles. Also, if you missed our first day of impressions, including games like Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son and Down The Rabbit Hole, make sure to check those out right here.

Okay, time to get out of here again (we’re really, really tired). But! We’ll have more tomorrow! Yes, we’re at Gamescom for one more day and there’s still a heck of a lot to see. Then we’ll get to go home. Yay!

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