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VR Co-Op Shooter Gambit Resurfaces, Coming To Quest 2, PC VR Soon

VR Co-Op Shooter Gambit Resurfaces, Coming To Quest 2, PC VR Soon

Zero Caliber developer XREAL has re-revealed its co-op VR shooter, Gambit, and it should be coming soon.

Gambit was first announced back in 2020 but has since been missing in action as XREAL concentrated on bringing Zero Caliber to Quest. It’s being developed by the studio’s secondary team named 2nd Gig. This month the developer relaunched the game’s Steam page, confirming it’s aiming to release on PC VR and Quest 2 in May of this year, though it notes that date may change. Check out the 2020 teaser trailer for the game below (though, obviously, ignore that 2021 release window).

Gambit VR Shooter Returns

Two years may have passed but Gambit’s premise remains the same, it’s got a story-driven campaign for up to four players in which you pull off heists and unlock new weapons and cosmetic items. The game will feature boss fights, climbing mechanics, and a weapon attachment system across nine levels with three chapters each. Screenshots shows players using bows and chainsaws as well as dual-wielding firearms. There’s also a graffiti system in place.

XREAL also says the game will have a PvP mode and that there will be full cross-play between PC VR and Quest. Elsewhere, the team continues to work on the PC VR version of Zero Caliber, which remains in early access and is hoping to bring that project to PSVR, too. No word yet on if Gambit could also come to Sony’s headset, though we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a PSVR 2 version. You can keep up with the game over on the developer’s Discord channel.

Are you going to be checking out Gambit? Let us know in the comments below!

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