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Gabe Newell: Alyx's Ending Felt 'Right For Where We're Going With Half-Life'

Gabe Newell: Alyx's Ending Felt 'Right For Where We're Going With Half-Life'

To Valve founder Gabe Newell, Half-Life: Alyx’s memorable ending moments were important to the company’s future direction for the franchise.

Speaking to IGN in an interview last week, Newell said the ending “worked perfectly” for where Half-Life is headed in the future. We won’t spoil the ending here but, if you’ve played the game, you’ve probably got a good sense of what Newell means by that.

“Endings are hard but, to us it feels like the right progression for where we’re going with Half-Life,” Newell said when asked about the game’s ending. “So it worked perfectly in terms of where we’re headed.”

If you’re looking for a more spoiler-filled discussion of Half-Life: Alyx’s ending, we spoke to Valve’s Greg Coomer about it when the game launched last yet.

It’s an encouraging sign that Valve is indeed intending to return to the Half-Life series once more, which the company has hinted at several times in the past year. But two questions still remain: will a future project actually turn out to be the fabled Half-Life 3 and, even if it does, will it be playable in VR?

Elsewhere, Newell himself said he was very happy with Alyx’s launch and that it had a positive impact on VR adoption overall. Valve never revealed sales for Alyx, but it certainly knocked it out of the park with the game itself; it remains one of our Essential reviews.

What do you want to see Valve do next with Half-Life? Let us know in the comments below!

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