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FuturLab's Mini-Mech Mayhem Arrives On PSVR In June

FuturLab's Mini-Mech Mayhem Arrives On PSVR In June

Good news FuturLab’s deceptively tactical VR boardgame, Mini-Mech Mayhem, just got a PSVR release date.

The game’s due out on June 18th. That’s just after this year’s E3 so you’ll have something to play in the post-news blues. The date was confirmed during Sony’s State of Play broadcast earlier today.

Mini-Mech Mayhem is a four-player PSVR exclusive. In the game, you befriend a little robot companion that you bring into tabletop battles. Battles are turn-based and have players looking to secure positions on a grid-based map. Every movement you assign your robot has a cost. Big strides across the board, for example, might have you moving slower than your opponent. The same goes for aiming at more damaging body parts with your robot’s weapon.

The idea is to predict what your enemy is going to do and then counter it. We went hands-on with the game late last year and fell for its strategic gameplay. It also helps that it’s utterly adorable; you can kit out your robot buddy with a range of clothing and then interact with mini fist bumps and more.

The date was announced alongside a slate of other PSVR release windows. We also got launch details for Falcon Age, Trover Saves the Universe and Jupiter & Mars among others. It’s been a busy day for PSVR fans.

This isn’t FuturLab’s first dance with VR. A few years back the studio also made Tiny Trax, a tricky little toy racer that we were quite fond of. We have high hopes for Mini-Mech Mayhem, too.

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