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Fujii Is An Adorable New VR Adventure From The Makers Of Cosmic Trip

Fujii Is An Adorable New VR Adventure From The Makers Of Cosmic Trip

Cosmic Trip developer Funktronic Labs is back with its latest VR game, and it looks quite delightful.

Fujii is coming to the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and other SteamVR headsets on June 27. You might have seen a few teases for the game beginning back at Earth Day last month. There’s good reason for that; Fuji is designed to be a breath of virtual fresh air. You explore lush gardens filled with vibrant colors and exotic wildlife. We’ve got the first trailer below. Keep watching; I promise it’s not just a trailer for Pokemon Go.

Joining you on your journey is a little gnome, though you’ll also find other wildlife to interact with. The game features three main biomes in which you’ll help grow plants by watering and touching them as well as playing them music. In fact, you might have noticed the game’s whimsical soundtrack in the trailer. It’s composed by French artist, Norman Bambi.

Again, it looks like a pretty lovely treat of a VR game. The visuals look like they straddle the line between simplicity for Quest with enough detail to be enjoyed on more capable headsets. Have a lovely GIF of your gnome playing an instrument to prove it.

This will be Funktronic’s third full VR game following the release of Cosmic Trip and Starbear Taxi.

Fujii will cost $14.99 at launch across all platforms. It will also come with dedicated support for the Valve Index Controllers. We’ve reached out to Funktronic to ask if it will support cross-buy on Rift/Quest too.

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