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Frustrain Is A Gorgeous Oculus Quest Thriller That Looks Like Wilson's Heart

Frustrain Is A Gorgeous Oculus Quest Thriller That Looks Like Wilson's Heart

We still haven’t got Wilson’s Heart on Oculus Quest, but Frustrain looks like it could fill that void quite nicely.

Reddit user u/spxyz revealed work on this promising project over the weekend. In Frustrain, players solve puzzles onboard a fast-moving train. You explore different compartments, uncovering items and meeting a strange cast of characters. The gameplay video below carries a compelling rustic atmosphere. Gameplay-wise, it looks like the experience features highly-interactive environments.

But it’s really the presentation that really caught our eye. Frustrain’s gorgeous black and white art style features incredible shading and extra touches, like snow getting into the carriage if you open a window. Visually it definitely reminds us of Twisted Pixel’s ace Oculus Rift adventure, Wilson’s Heart. That’s good company to be in.

There’s still a lot to find out about Frustrain, though. So far we’ve only seen one small part of the game and we don’t know how much else there is to it.  How much of the game focuses on horror and how long will the overall experience be? We’ll be keeping tabs on development to find out.

The game’s been in the works a little while now, as older trailers like the one below confirm. We don’t know if it will be getting a full launch on the Oculus Quest store or will instead be arriving on SideQuest.

No word yet on Frustrain’s full release date, but the developer says we’ll see a PC VR version too. If you want to keep track of the game head over to its Twitter or Facebook pages.

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