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Frostpoint VR Open Beta Starts Next Week, Earn A Free Copy By Playing

Frostpoint VR Open Beta Starts Next Week, Earn A Free Copy By Playing

The next VR game from developer inXile and publisher Thirdverse is epic-scale sci-fi shooter Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds. The Open Beta starts next week on September 28th and will last until October 19th and you can earn a FREE copy just by playing!

What makes Frostpoint a bit unique in the VR FPS space is that each of its four large maps are actually PvPvE engagements. This means that while you’re fighting the other team in large 10v10 battles, there are monsters and other AI enemies roaming about that drop loot for you to target and take down as well. It’ll have various game modes, such as capture and control. There is also full bot support as well.


Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds ‘Play to Own’ Campaign

Back when we unveiled Frostpoint VR during our interview with the developers, they mentioned plans to debut a “Play to Own” campaign during the Open Beta period. In order to quality you must sign up on the official website and link your Oculus or Steam account to make sure everything is tracked and recorded.

Each week during the Open Beta test, the developer are awarding 3,000 players a free game key on release. All you have to do is reach a target of 10 games played within that week. Presumably the faster you hit that milestone, the more likely you are to get a key. Target stats are reset each week and you’ll be notified via email if you’ve qualified to receive a key.

You can join the Open Beta test starting on September 28th via Steam here or via Oculus here. There’s no firm and final full launch date yet, but it’s slated for this year still after the Open Beta ends with support for all major PC VR headsets including Rift, Vive, and Index. Let us know if you plan on playing down in the comments below!

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