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Freediver: Triton Down Is Getting An Extended Cut On Quest + PSVR Today

Freediver: Triton Down Is Getting An Extended Cut On Quest + PSVR Today

Remember Freediver: Triton Down? It was a likeable little VR short story for PC VR headsets that released last year. Today, it’s coming to both Oculus Quest and PSVR. Yes, today.

Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut should be showing up on the Oculus and PlayStation Stores soon (if it isn’t already there) for $14.99. That is save for the EU PSVR store, where it’ll launch on February 27th. Our review for the Quest version is already up and running right here.

In the game, you play as a diver that gets caught in a sinking vessel after making a historic discovery. Developed by Evasion studio Archiact, the game features innovative swimming mechanics that have players reaching out to make real strokes to wade through water. We were quite fond of the original for its excellent controls and brief length, which staved off any claustrophobic concerns.

As the name suggests, though, there is a bit more to this version of Freediver. Archiact has gone back and added a bit more to the campaign, including a handful of new areas with new puzzles and extra lines of dialogue to flesh out the story a little more. Some areas of the original game have been redesigned a little too.

When asked, Archiact told us that the original versions of the game won’t be getting this new content as Freediver was, quite literally, rebuilt for Quest and PSVR. “We’ll be listening closely to them in the coming weeks to see if there is a strong appetite for the Extended Cut content on PC,” the studio told us.

Overall we think the Quest version of Freediver is a little too toned down visually, though some of the new sequences are quite thrilling. It isn’t the best version of the game but, if you only have a Quest it’s still worth seeing. We haven’t had a chance to check out the PSVR version yet, but we’ll let you know if that’s drastically different.

Will you be picking up Freediver: Triton Down Extended Cut on Quest or PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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