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FrankenQuest 2 Is The Most Comfortable Way To Use Quest 2 Yet

FrankenQuest 2 Is The Most Comfortable Way To Use Quest 2 Yet

Facebook upped its comfort game with the Oculus Quest 2, offering not one but two premium straps for its new headset. For my money, though the best Quest 2 strap still comes from an unlikely source: HTC Vive. That’s right; FrankenQuest 2 has been given life.

If you’re not familiar with this rather brilliant brand of mod, it combines your Quest headset with the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, which the company put out for its original Vive in 2017. Following the first Quest’s launch in 2019, though, modders discovered they could remove the tough rubber strap from the headset and instead stick the strap in its place. I tried it out earlier this year and never looked back.

Now Business Company VR is selling 3D-printed clips to attach the strap to Quest 2 and, for my money, it makes for the most comfortable and all-around immersive way to use Quest 2 yet.

FrankenQuest 2 In-Action

FrankenQuest 2 Quest 2 (4)

The Deluxe Audio Strap is one of the best things HTC has put out in the past few years. The solid plastic strap is cushioned with comfortable foam and, just like the Elite Straps, there’s a dial at the back to easily tighten the fit. The biggest win, though, is the pair of excellent headphones that come fitted to the strap, with an audio jack within easy reach of most headset’s ports.

Getting FrankenQuest to fit to your Quest 1 was a bit of a hassle because removing the strap was awkward and the inherent design didn’t speak to mods. But the Quest 2 was made with such innovations in mind, and Business Company VR’s clips allow you to quickly fasten the strap to one side and then snap it in place on the Quest 2 on the other. Installation took seconds and you get two versions, one that leaves the Vive logo on display and another that covers it. I chose to keep mine on display in the hopes that one day my headset will be featured in a modern art museum under the simple title of ‘Contradiction’.

Finding a sweet spot wasn’t as instant as it’s been with the Elite Straps. If the top head strap isn’t positioned right you’ll find the headset weighs down on your nose or rests too far up your face, but that’s quickly corrected. Once I did find the right fit, though, I found easily the most comfortable way to use Quest 2 yet. The foam strap could rest on my head for hours without ever causing irritation, and the hard plastic and sturdy build keeps the headset securely in place.

There are a few downsides, of course. For starters, you won’t be able to store your Quest 2 in many — if any — carrying cases, including the official one, unless you remove the mod. Also it’s important to note that the Deluxe Audio Strap is expensive at $100 and goes in and out of stock pretty erratically. It’s actually in-stock in both the US and European regions at the time of writing which is a little funny considering HTC no longer sells the original Vive itself. Keep in mind the strap might not be available for the length of Quest 2’s lifespan, then.

FrankenQuest 2 Quest 2 (2)

But if you already have a Deluxe Audio Strap or are committed to picking one up, I definitely think the FrankenQuest 2 is the most comfortable way to wear Oculus Quest 2 right now. Hopefully we’ll see a more native solution in the future but, until then, my Quest 2 will be carrying the Vive logo on the side.

Are you going to be trying your hand at FrankenQuest 2? Or are you maybe sticking with an Elite Strap? Let us know in the comments below!

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