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PSVR Exclusive Fracked Debuts Explosive New Gameplay Clip

PSVR Exclusive Fracked Debuts Explosive New Gameplay Clip

We just opened up this summer’s Upload VR Showcase with a brand new look at PSVR exclusive shooter, Fracked.

Developer nDreams joined us to debut over three minutes of new footage from the game, which builds on the gameplay reveal from a few weeks ago. This is set during the game’s Mountain Adventure chapter – take a look below.

The clip really hammers home the sense of speed nDreams is looking to deliver in Fracked – the player is constantly on the move whether it’s on foot or climbing. This time around we start off with an explosive skiing setpiece before moving into a crash sequence that might feel just a little familiar to Uncharted fans. 

The footage also introduces an unexpected new enemy type called the ‘Blaster’. They’re monster-ish brutes that take a beating and have a weak spot on their backs. 

Overall it’s a really impressive demo that suggests the game might just deliver on what many VR fans are pining for, a truly blockbuster shooter campaign. There’s still a lot to learn about Fracked as we head towards its release date, though, but we’ll be bringing you plenty more – Fracked will be getting the Upload Access treatment in July! We’ll have a lot more to share from nDreams, so stay tuned.

Fracked is coming to PSVR later this summer. We’ll have plenty more from the Upload VR Showcase today, so stay tuned!

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