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Forklift Operating, Warplane Piloting And More Zombies – VR Games On Our Radar This Week

Forklift Operating, Warplane Piloting And More Zombies – VR Games On Our Radar This Week

A Warplanes sequel is here, Forklift Operator goes live and, surprise, surprise, zombies are back. Here’s yet more VR games on our radar this week.

Every week we get a lot of updates on new VR games at Upload – so much so that we don’t have time to cover them all. This week we talked about news for Little Cities, Green Hell VR and Eolia but here are some other titles we didn’t get to take a look at.

Shores of Loci

Take a look at this gorgeous puzzle adventure, which looks a little like Puzzling Places in a more fantastical setting. You rebuild environments by piecing together miniature versions of them. The environments look fantastic and promise a peaceful atmosphere. It’s coming to PC VR and Quest 2 soon.

The Living Remain

We’re hearing good things about this campaign-driven zombie shooter, which just released in early access on PC. Explore an undead apocalypse, fighting for survival against hordes of brain-hungry monsters. We’ll look forward to watching this one progress in the weeks and months to come.

Best Forklift Operator

Your weekly dose of simulator life arrives with this SteamVR title. Perfect the art of forklight driving and pass challenging trials in this straight-up title. It’s VR optional, so you can also play on a flatscreen if that appeals to you for some reason, and it’s in early access to expect more to come.

Warplanes: Battles Over Pacific

We already reported the release date for this one but, for those that missed it, it’s worth pointing out that an early access version of Warplanes is now available on both SteamVR and SideQuest. Hop into WW2 missions with both single-player and co-op support.

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