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ForeVR Bowl, Darts Team Working On 6 New VR Games

ForeVR Bowl, Darts Team Working On 6 New VR Games

The ForeVR team is working on a total of six brand-new VR games.

ForeVR arrived on the scene last year with the launch of ForeVR Bowl, a Quest bowling game that favored realistic physics and social interaction. It followed that released up with ForeVR Darts in late 2021, which offered a similar experience. In a press release this month, though, the studio mentions that it’s working on another six titles, three of which are expected to release in 2022.

New ForeVR Games Incoming

Judging by the studio’s previous track record, it’s likely that these games are based on sports. In fact, the release does on to state the studios is “building the most creative versions of IRL games available anywhere in the world”. ForeVR’s games have so far used Meta’s avatars and feature progression systems that let you unlock new cosmetic items. They’ve all been Quest-exclusive, with no word on PSVR or PC VR versions so far.

The release also confirms that the ForeVR team is currently 40-strong and that it will launch a new round of funding later in the year. The studio has already raised $8.5 million, and it’s currently hiring for yet more roles.

What other sports would you like to see ForeVR tackle in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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