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ForeVR Darts Announced For Oculus Quest With Hand-Tracking, Coming Next Month

Hot off the heels of its VR bowling game, ForeVR is about to release its next Oculus Quest title, ForeVR Darts.

The game was announced earlier this week in the short trailer seen below. As with ForeVR Bowl, Darts looks to be a social VR experience that utilizes Meta’s own avatars. Players meet up in a bar and aim for the bullseye. But, whereas ForeVR Bowl used Quest controllers, you’ll be able to play darts with hand-tracking. It’ll be very interesting to see how the game handles this way.

ForeVR Darts Trailer

You’ll also be able to unlock new skins for darts (we especially like the guitar-shaped one) as you compete for high scores. ForeVR Darts will include three halls, a jukebox that lets you search Youtube for music, and a range of game modes including 301, 201, and 101 modes.

The game’s due to launch on December 16 for $9.99 on both Quest and Quest 2. If ForeVR Bowl is anything to go by it’ll definitely be one to watch – we took issue with the way the game handled but ForeVR itself was committed to constantly updating the title to improve the feel for players.

Will you be picking up ForeVR Darts? Let us know in the comments below!

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