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The Forest's VR Support Is Now Live In Beta, Multiplayer Coming Soon

The Forest's VR Support Is Now Live In Beta, Multiplayer Coming Soon

Attention all VR gamers: if you’re looking for a deep, visually stunning VR experience to sink your teeth into, Endnight Games’ The Forest has just arrived. Or, to be more accurate, its VR support has.

This long-in-development survival game finally launched outside of Early Access earlier this month, but today received a free patch that includes full VR support via SteamVR. The VR support is in the beta phase for now. We haven’t been able to jump into the experience yet, so we can’t speak to the quality of the integration, but given that the standard game has racked up a ‘Very Positive’ rating across over 80,000 Steam user reviews so far, we’re hoping everything clicks.

The Forest casts players as the survivor of a plane crash that finds themselves in a dense forest. By day they must gather resources, craft items and feed themselves to survive. Eventually, though, you’ll come into contact with horrific mutant enemies that you’ll need to defend against using makeshift weapons and stealth mechanics. The usual game features full co-op support so that you can tackle the wilderness with a friend, though in an update blog Endnight explained that multiplayer would be added to the VR version later on.

The VR version is set to make full use of motion controllers, allowing you to realistically chop wood and aim weapons.

The Forest costs $19.99. We’ll bring you a full review as soon as we can.

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