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Fit It Is An Amazing-Looking Human Tetris Using Vive Trackers

Fit It Is An Amazing-Looking Human Tetris Using Vive Trackers

Remember HTC’s Vive Trackers? They’re a great little peripheral that allows you to bring a variety of objects into VR by fitting them with this puck-shaped marker. But, as cool as they are, we haven’t seen a lot of games embrace the Trackers.

Fit It wants to change that.

This new game from a team of three developers has a simple, brilliant premise; using three Trackers for the same kind of full body tracking seen in games like Island 359, you move your body to fit holes in gradually approaching walls. It’s pretty simple stuff; does the hole fit a press up position? Better get down on the floor. Standing with one leg out? Best practice your balance.

It’s a concept now seen in a lot of TV game shows, but Fit It promises to bring that experience into the home. The gamer will feature both a Classic mode with different difficulties and an Infinite mode in which walls won’t stop approaching. It looks like great fun, though we don’t know many people with enough Trackers to accommodate it.

To that end, the team’s Lukas Litinskas explained that they were implementing mode modes that would support play without Trackers and headsets other than the Vive.

“We are a team of VR enthusiasts, so it is important to us to bring more content to the community, especially to this specific area,” Litinskas said. “Because at the moment there is not a lot of games that use trackers. Most are saying that a very few people have trackers so it is not a good financial decision to focus on this area, but we think the numbers of people owning trackers will definitely grow after there is a significant amount of playable content available.”

Fit It is coming to Steam Early Access on October 16th. At launch, it will require a 2m x 2m play space and only work with Vive. Expect wider accessibility options to roll out after that.

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