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First Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time VR Arcade Game Images Revealed

First Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time VR Arcade Game Images Revealed

Back in February, we reported that Ubisoft was developing a new VR arcade game set in one of its best-known IPs called Prince of Persia: The Dagger Of Time. For fairly obvious reasons, the experience missed its intended spring 2020 launch, but the company today revealed the first images and more info for the game.

Four images of The Dagger Of Time can be seen below. They mostly show off the game’s environments, though one image also shows what appears to be players collaborating too.

We know a handful of things about The Dagger Of Time so far. Firstly, the game’s set during the events of Ubisoft’s PS2-era Prince of Persia trilogy. The story sees players travel to the Fortress of Time to stop an evil Magi. As with Ubisoft’s other escape room games, up to four players will work together, solving puzzles as they make their way towards victory.

It looks promising, though we still don’t know when the game will be rolling out to VR arcades. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the industry hard and it’s likely be be a long time yet before it fully recovers. That hasn’t stopped companies like Ubisoft and Vertigo revealing more VR arcade projects, though.

The Dagger Of Time is being developed at Ubisoft Dusseldorf in Germany. But that’s not the only VR experience the company has in development; last September Ubisoft confirmed to us that it was hiring for a new AAA VR game. Another VR arcade experience that’s exclusive to Zero Latency is also due to be announced later this year. You can keep up with The Dagger Of Time right here.

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