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Fist Of The North Star Quest App Lets You Throw Punches As Kenshiro, Read Manga

Fist Of The North Star Quest App Lets You Throw Punches As Kenshiro, Read Manga

A new Quest app based on the popular manga franchise, Fist of the North Star, lets you play minigames and read past issues.

XR Manga: Fist of the North Star was released by Media Do over on Oculus App Lab last month, collecting the first six volumes of the manga for $29.99. The app’s main draw is to read the series itself, placing you in themed virtual environments as you turn and resize pages.

Though the initial app only includes those first volumes, more can be purchased within the experience (which costs a rather eye-watering $144.99 all-in). The video below also confirms that you can change the language for the book so, don’t worry, you don’t have to learn Japanese.

That’s not all you can do inside the app, though. There’s also a mini-game called ‘I Am Kenshiro’ which lets you play as the series protagonist. It’s only a small experience and not a full game, but it does let you break boulders and punch a big dude in the gut as fast as possbile. From what I can gather, that’s pretty much the point of the series.

There’s also a virtual figure experience that lets you interact with action figures of the characters, with more characters added when you buy more volumes of the manga.

Overall the app looks like an interesting way to celebrate one of the most popular manga series around, though it’s tough to envision fans spending a lot of money to essentially rebuy issues they already own.

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