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Firmament Is Your Next Confirmed PSVR 2 Game, But PSVR Version Canned

Firmament Is Your Next Confirmed PSVR 2 Game, But PSVR Version Canned

Your next confirmed PSVR 2 game is Firmament, the newest title from the developer of Myst.

You might have heard of Firmament already. It was actually announced all the way back in 2018 (and we even played it back then). In 2019, the game launched a Kickstarter campaign, where it raised just shy of $1.5 million. It is developer Cyan Worlds’ latest expansion of the adventure formula it helped shape with 1993’s Myst and subsequent follow-ups including Obduction and 2020’s Myst remake. Last we heard, the game had been delayed to 2022 but expanded in scope.

Firmament PSVR 2 Version Confirmed

But, in an update today (first spotted by Distrito XR), Cyan confirmed the game is now coming to PS5 and will have support for PSVR 2 to boot. The PS5 version will release this year but PSVR 2 support may arrive later down the line depending on when Sony’s headset actually ends up launching. This makes Firmament one of only a handful of officially confirmed PSVR 2 games, including the recently-revealed Horizon Call of the Mountain. Keep track of every confirmed and rumored game for the platform right here.

Firmament actually passed a stretch goal for PSVR support during the original campaign but, while the game is still planned for PS4, Cyan also confirmed that PSVR 1 integration was no longer possible. In its stead, anyone that backed the PlayStation tier for the campaign will be given both the PS4 and PS5 version, meaning they’ll eventually get PSVR 2 support instead.

The game’s also coming to PC, where it will support more headsets. Given the project started before the launch of the original Quest, and the fact that the PSVR version has been canceled, we wouldn’t expect a release on Meta’s standalone headset either.

Will you still be looking to play Firmament on PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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