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Firewatch VR Mod Is Now Complete

Perhaps one of the most demanded VR mods out there, Firewatch VR, is now complete.

Developer Raicuparta recently moved their mod, named Two Forks VR, to a 1.0 release. This update doesn’t actually add much to the mod over the past release, but the developer says the mod is now in “maintenance mode”, essentially meaning it will just be updated to keep working with any possible future updates to Firewatch itself.

Raicuparta previously made an excellent VR mod for Outer Wilds, and now Two Forks VR features a lot of advanced VR mod features like snap turning and more. If you want to try the mod for yourself you’ll need to subscribe to Raicuparta’s Patreon campaign.

Firewatch was always a great choice for a VR mod thanks to its slow, story-driven pace and incredible environments. The game casts players as a forest lookout in Wyoming that develops an increasingly complex relationship with a colleague as they attempt to figure out their own tangled past.

The game’s original developer, Campo Santo, was eventually acquired by Valve and went on to work on seminal VR shooter, Half-Life: Alyx.

It’s been a busy few days for VR mods in general. Luke Ross is nearing release of an Elden Ring VR mod, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is now plyable with a headset, too.

Will you be trying out the Firewatch VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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