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Firewall Zero Hour Dev: 'We Knew What VR Needed'

Firewall Zero Hour Dev: 'We Knew What VR Needed'

Firewall Zero Hour caught the attention of many PlayStation VR (PSVR) fans when it was announced at the PlayStation Experience last weekend. Its tactical 4 vs 4 first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay seemed to be what a lot of people were looking for. And, for developer First Contact Entertainment, it was the game that VR needed.

The team said as much in an interview following the game’s reveal, which you can see below. “We have this team, this amazing team and we didn’t know what we were going to make,” First Contact’s Adam Orth said, “but we knew who we had as a team and we knew what VR needed — in our opinion — and that is a very realistic first-person shooter that has true locomotion in it. And a lot of our team — we’ve made tons of Call of Duty’s, Medal of Honor’s, some Overwatch, some Halo; it’s in our blood.”

Indeed, Firewall’s realistic gameplay, played with either a DualShock 4 or the Aim controller, has sparked a lot of enthusiasm, and we really liked it when we went hands-on with it. As Orth said, the game has smooth locomotion just like a traditional FPS, and its close-quarters combat gives everything a laser-tag-like feel.

Firewall is due to release next year.

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