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PSVR Exclusive Firewall Gets Huge Update With Maps And More Next Week

PSVR Exclusive Firewall Gets Huge Update With Maps And More Next Week

Been waiting on new Firewall: Zero Hour content to get you back in the ace PSVR exclusive shooter? Us too. Fortunately, there’s not much longer to wait.

A massive new update for the game, Operation: Nightfall, is due out on May 21. Developer First Contact Entertainment says this is the game’s biggest update yet. Headlining the update is a new map, added for free. Named Hangar, the level features a large transport aircraft that you can weave in and out of as you hunt for enemies. Another map, F.O.B., will be added later down the line as a mid-season update. You can see both in the trailer below.

Next up is a new Contractor named Ruby. She can steal Crypto from bodies using her exclusive skill, Thief. Again, another new Contractor by the name of Lynx will be added later on for free.

Also debuting in Operation: Nightfall is a new Missions system. It gives you extra goals to work towards online. Most importantly, though, completing these missions unlocks big rewards, like new weapons. A new mission will be added for free each week, though you can also buy an Op-Pass to unlock extra missions and seasonal cosmetic items.

You’ll also see new daily tasks that will net you extra experience points and Crypto for completing. To accommodate all of these changes, First Contact has revamped the game’s UI. There will also be improvements made to performance, squad optimizations and other features. Finally, the game’s AI is also being retooled to more closely mimic human players.

It’s great to see Firewall getting new content. We absolutely love the game and awarded it 9/10 in our review. Oh, and then it won our Game of the Year award. Not too shabby.

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