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Firefox Reality VR Browser Hit Quest, Adds Tracking Data Protection

Firefox Reality VR Browser Hit Quest, Adds Tracking Data Protection

Mozilla finally brought its popular VR browser, Firefox Reality, the Oculus Quest this week.

Firefox Reality is an entirely VR-native browser available to download for free. It allows you to visit your usual websites in a virtual window whilst also taking advantage of VR-specific features like 360 videos and WebVR support. Better yet, you can use Mozilla Hubs to meet up and hang out with people in VR. Think of it as Mozilla’s first shot at establishing a virtual metaverse.

This is the third 6DOF standalone headset Firefox Reality has launched on. In fact, HTC is even making the platform its default browser for its headsets going forward. Oculus has its own browser appearing across its various headsets too.

That’s not all though. Firefox Reality also recently introduced a data-blocking system called Enhanced Tracking Protection. This is designed to protect data about your behavior in VR from sites and apps that might record it. VR’s reliance on head and hand tracking presents interesting new issues for the era of data surveillance. Download Firefox Reality in Quest and the Tracking Protection will be in place by default. It will be interesting to see if others follow in Mozilla’s footsteps on this front.

Coming up, Mozilla is also prepping multi-window browsing, bookmarks syncing and additional language support for the browser. It’s also set to introduce ‘nearly VR-ready’ WebXR support. Basically the company is building the browser for AR devices too. The company is certainly getting all of its bases covered for the spatial computing future.

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