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Excellent VR RTS Final Assault Is On The Way To PSVR

Excellent VR RTS Final Assault Is On The Way To PSVR

Final Assault is one of the better takes on the real-time strategy genre in VR. Good news for PSVR fans, then; they’ll be able to play it pretty soon.

Developer Phase Lock Interactive this week confirmed that the game is coming to PSVR in Q4 2019. Not only that but the PS4 version of the game will feature cross-platform play with PC VR owners. The PSVR version is debuting at PAX West in Seattle at the end of the month. Phaser Lock says it will also be showcasing new content for the game while at the show, but didn’t specify what that will be.

Final Assault is a 1v1 RTS. Each player has a base at opposite ends of the map. You buy units and send them on their way to destroy the enemy base. We thought the game offered a fun take on the genre, even if it wasn’t the most tactically deep experience.

“Final Assault is not nearly as elaborate or detailed a game as the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was for its time, and it probably won’t make the same waves in VR that the former made for the traditional RTS genre,” we said in our review. “However, it’s safe to say that what we’ve reached is something akin to the Advance Wars of VR; Final Assault successfully establishes a powerful set of VR strategy mechanics that are instantly enjoyable, delivering equivocal depth and a permeating sense of awe.”

No word yet on a specific date for the PSVR version. But, hey, if Final Assault can pull off cross-play, can’t it happen for No Man’s Sky?

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