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Fallout 4 VR, Ghostbusters and Rock Band VR: The Week In VR Gaming

Fallout 4 VR, Ghostbusters and Rock Band VR: The Week In VR Gaming

Sometimes you don’t realise quite how big of a week it’s been until you sit back and take a look. We got updates on a lot of major VR projects this week, and there were some big releases and surprising new reveals too. Dig in.

Reveals And News


Sony revealed a handful of new PSVR titles this week, all of which look pretty promising. Over on the news side, we got a fresh look at The Gallery’s anticipated second episode, and we heard that Fallout 4 VR will be at E3 again with a demo that will apparently blow your mind. Say your goodbyes.  Obduction is one on Vive, too, but there’s some issues.

Release Dates

After a long wait, we finally know when Other Ocean’s hugely anticipated VR debut, Giant Cop, will be releasing: March 30th on Rift. Look for Vive and PSVR versions to follow on after. Sticking with PSVR, we got a date for Jeff Minter’s first VR game, Polybius, which hits on April 28th. The PSVR version of Fated: The Silent Oath will be here next week too.



The week kicked off with a deeper look at what Gunfire Games had brought from its previous VR titles into its newest Rift exclusive, From Other Suns. We also got a glimpse at the surprising new release of a Ghostbusters VR game, the next entry in the Viral series, and Blade & Soul. You definitely shouldn’t miss our hands-on with Downward Spiral, though, this is a surprisingly compelling adventure.


Rock Band VR is the big review of the week, while we also went in-depth on a beautiful new adventure in Waking the Glares, and updated our review on Drop Dead now that it’s on Touch.


rock band vr featured band photo

PlayStation VR got a Ghostbusters game out of the blue this week, but we knew the Rock Band VR was coming for a long time. Over on Vive, there’s the usually flood of new apps to check out but don’t miss Obduction.

As always, for all releases you can check out our full Rift, Vive and PSVR lists.

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