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HTC Vive Backtracks On Fallout 4 VR 'Exclusively' Comment

HTC Vive Backtracks On Fallout 4 VR 'Exclusively' Comment

Yesterday, HTC Vive stated that the highly-anticipated Fallout 4 VR would be launching “exclusively” on its headset this December, seemingly confirming that the game was destined to remain on Vive only. A few hours on, though, the company backtracked on that statement.

Vive posted the below tweet a short while after making the initial statement.

That puts us precisely back to square one. Bethesda previously said that it wants all of its VR games to release on as many platforms as possible but between Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, and Doom VFR, none have been confirmed for the Oculus Rift so far. Skyrim has only officially been announced for PSVR and Doom is coming to both Vive and PSVR. Bethesda hasn’t commented on if the lack of Oculus announcements is linked to the ongoing legal battle between its parent company, ZeniMax Media, and the VR specialist.

All SteamVR releases do support the Oculus Rift, but unless developers add official implementation they won’t be properly optimised for use with the Touch controllers and may handle awkwardly.

Yesterday we learned that Fallout 4 VR had been delayed a little, shifting from release in October to December 12th. Skyrim, meanwhile, hits PSVR on November 17th, and Doom VFR arrives on December 1st. Let’s hope 2018 holds wider launches for each game.

Update: Further clarifying the situation, Bethesda tweeted that Fallout 4 VR is only coming first to HTC Vive and that they “want to support as many platforms as possible” which all but confirms the game will eventually release on PSVR like Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR:

However, it’s still unclear whether or not Bethesda will block Rift support on any of their three titles.

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