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Falcon Age Oculus Quest Release Confirmed For Next Week

Falcon Age Oculus Quest Release Confirmed For Next Week

Good news! A Falcon Age Oculus Quest release is right around the corner; the VR adventure goes standalone next week.

The developer announced the news on Twitter along with a trailer you can see below. Falcon Age first released on PS4 with optional support for PSVR last year before heading on to PC with the same similar options. The Quest will be the first VR-dedicated platform the game launches on, then.

Falcon Age Oculus Quest Release Confirmed

In Falcon Age, you play as a young girl that befriends a falcon, teaming up to fight back against an evil corporate army of robots that has taken your planet hostage. You explore the world, liberating bases and caring for your feathered friend as you go.

We thought the PSVR version of the game was very memorable, though some technical shortcomings clipped its wings somewhat.

“Falcon Age nurtures a soft spot inside of you, one big enough to overlook many of its technical shortcomings,” we said in our 7/10 review (yes we used to review things out of 10). “It’s a sentimental game, one that knows VR’s ability to build relationships is as compelling as and additive to any other feature. It never fully capitalizes on that connection in the way you might expect, but it’s a spark of companionship to be cherished all the same. That’s something the industry could use a little more of.”

Still, you can dress up your falcon with cosmetics, so can you really complain?

Will you be picking up the Falcon Age Oculus Quest release? Let us know in the comments below!

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