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Facebook Starts Enforcing Phone Number Or Payment Card Requirement For Oculus Sideloading

Facebook now requires you to provide a phone number or payment card details to sideload apps to an Oculus Quest.

This move was first announced more than a year ago but has only been enforced since last week, an Oculus developer blog post explains. Facebook describes this as ‘developer verification’.

To sideload applications to standalone Oculus headsets you have always needed to enable Developer Mode, which requires declaring yourself a VR developer and accepting the Oculus Developer Terms of Service. But now you’ll need to also verify your account with an SMS or payment card details.

If you haven’t verified, Developer Mode will be disabled on your headset and you won’t be able to sideload new content.

Enabling Developer Mode is needed to obtain apps from third party store SideQuest, as it installs apps by automating the sideloading process.

If you need to verify your developer account, you can do so in the Oculus Developer Dashboard.

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