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Facebook Connect Stream: Watch The Oculus Quest 2 Reveal Right Here

Facebook Connect Stream: Watch The Oculus Quest 2 Reveal Right Here

Today’s the day! You can watch the Facebook Connect Stream, including the opening keynote, right here at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK time.

The first-ever Facebook Connect replaces Oculus Connect, which focused almost entirely on the company’s range of VR products and services. This year’s show will cast the net a little bit wider, with a focus on AR too, but VR will still be playing a massive part.

Facebook Connect Stream

In fact, thanks to Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth (see tweet below), we now know we’ll see the heavily-leaked Oculus Quest 2 revealed at the show. The headset was first sighted a few months back but, on Monday, Facebook itself accidentally published several videos showing the device, which Bosworth acknowledged.

But Quest 2 probably isn’t the only headline Facebook has in-store for today. Facebook Connect is running all day, with developer workshops and sessions taking place throughout. We definitely won’t be missing John Carmack’s no-doubt marathon technical breakdown, starting at 5:30pm PT. It’s the only part of the show that hasn’t been pre-recorded, so you can be sure to see the legendary developer go off-script once again as he talks about the latest breakthroughs and shares behind-the-scenes stories.

We’ll have a lot to share on today’s news, so make sure to keep an eye on our front page and our YouTube channel and stick with us throughout the week and we deep dive into everything. There’s going to be a lot to cover!

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