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Every PSVR 2 Game Revealed At State Of Play

Every PSVR 2 Game Revealed At State Of Play

This week’s State of Play PlayStation Showcase was a big one for PSVR 2.

Sony promised a sneak peek of games for its upcoming headset and it didn’t disappoint. In case you’re catching up, here’s every PSVR 2 game announced and shown during the event.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (PSVR 2 Supported Content)

Sony kicked off the show with a bang. We got our first look at the anticipated remake of Capcom’s survival horror epic, Resident Evil 4. The game will be a reimagining of the 2005 original with updated controls and new story elements. But the end of the trailer also confirmed that the game with have “PSVR 2 Supported Content”.

Note that this doesn’t confirm the full game will be playable inside VR; it sounds like we might get an additional mode or something similar. Of course, you can already play the original Resident Evil 4 in VR on Quest 2, which is exclusive to that platform. Might that exclusivity deal have something to do with the PSVR 2 content on offer here?

Resident Evil 8

Still, even if we don’t get the full Resident Evil 4 Remake experience in PSVR 2, we will be getting all of last year’s horror hit, Resident Evil 8, in the headset. A trailer showed the game being played with PSVR 2, including full motion controls with new elements like manual reloading and dual wielding weapons.

This one had long been rumored for PSVR 2 support and it made sense given that Resident Evil 7 was one of the first AAA games to implement the original PSVR headset. We can’t wait to revist the entire game inside VR once PSVR 2 is out. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, there’s already an incredible VR mod on PC.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 – Retribution

Another easy win for PSVR 2, the follow-up to Saints & Sinners was confirmed to be coming to the headset in 2023. We got a new trailer showing us more of the game than we’ve ever seen before, and confirmation that it’ll hit the original PSVR in 2022 and PSVR 2 next year.

That latter point is pertinent, as it seems to be the biggest hint yet that Sony’s next headset won’t arrive until 2023. Either way, we’re excited we’ll get to play the next game in one of our favorite VR series on the new device.

No Man’s Sky

Once again, we’d predicted we’d get a look at Hello Games’ sci-fi epic running on PSVR 2 at the show and we weren’t disappointed. No Man’s Sky already includes great VR support on PS4 and PC, so it stands to reason that the PSVR 2 support will be great. Expect this support to come via a free update, much as the original VR integration did a few years ago.

Horizon Call of the Mountain

The PSVR 2 section of the show closed out with another look at the PSVR 2-exclusive. This time around we seemed to get definitive proof that this will be a full game and not just a short, on-rails experience. We saw the player wielding a bow and arrow to take on robotic dinosaurs, much as you do in the core series. More than that, though, this seemed to be a really compelling graphical showcase for PSVR 2, and we’re likely to see the headset’s other new features implemented, too.

And that’s all the announcements for PSVR 2 at this week’s State of Play. We still didn’t get any release information for the headset itself, though it’s looking increasingly likely we’ll get it in 2023.

What reveals got you excited? Did Sony convince you to pick the headset up? Let us know in the comments below!

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