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EVE: Valkyrie Is Free To Play This Weekend

EVE: Valkyrie Is Free To Play This Weekend

CCP Games Newcastle may no longer exist (at least under that name), but the larger company is still working on its flagship VR game, EVE: Valkyrie, which you can play for free this weekend.

The multiplayer dogfighter, which launched alongside the Oculus Rift nearly two years ago, is free to play on Oculus Home this weekend. You can slip on your Rift, jump into the cockpit of a ship from the EVE Online universe and go head-to-head with other players across Rift, Vive and PSVR in epic space battles.

As with all free weekends, you can pick the full game up at a reduced price if you like what you play. Valkyrie is $14.99 on both Oculus Home and Steam (should you own a Vive) this weekend. It’s a piece of VR history so at the very least if you’ve never played it before you should give it a quick look. The game also supports non-VR play, though we’re not sure it’s included in the free build.

Late last year CCP Games announced that it was winding down its VR efforts and selling of the Newcastle studio. As we found out earlier this year, the team found a home at Sumo Digital.

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