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VR Stealth Game Espire 1 Is Coming To Quest, PSVR And PC VR In August

VR Stealth Game Espire 1 Is Coming To Quest, PSVR And PC VR In August

Did you catch VR stealth stunner, Espire 1, at Upload’s E3 VR Showcase today? No? Well don’t worry; you can check out all the action right here.

During the event today developer Digital Lode revealed a bunch of new information about the game. Firstly, there are some exciting new platforms; Oculus Quest and PSVR. We already knew Espire was coming to PC VR headsets but it’s great to see it’ll launch on these other devices too. But when is it going to launch? This very August! No specifics yet but at least we have the release window.

If you haven’t heard of the game before then check out the game’s segment in the E3 VR Showcase. There’s plenty of gameplay, promising tense stealth action that takes inspiration from games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. You pilot stealth drones through enemy facilities, clambering up pipes and silently taking out guards wherever possible. One of the coolest features seen in the segment is the ability to use your headset’s microphone to shout “Freeze!” and hold up enemies.

Digital Lode also detailed the game’s Control Theatre system, which imitates the idea of piloting a drone for comfortable movement in VR. Essential the game shows you the same around you when you move, restricting your view of the current world. It’s basically reducing the field of view to improve comfort but keeps it within the context of the game. Pretty neat!

Espire 1 is just one of over 30 games featured at our E3 VR Showcase today. We also had debuts from Fast Travel Games, Cloudhead Games, First Contact Entertainment and more. You can catch up with all the news right here.

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