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Epic VR Adventure Cloudborn Hits Early Access

Epic VR Adventure Cloudborn Hits Early Access

Enjoyed Crytek’s The Climb, but wish there was a little more adventure and story to it? Cloudborn might will be for you.

Developer Logtown Studios launched this new VR game on Steam in Early Access this week. It’s an intriguing first-person experience in with players explore ancient ruins, looking for the remains of a lost civilization. You’ll clamber up walls and leap between vines as you ascend. The game features a unique momentum system that allows you to throw yourself further and climb faster as you go.

Check out a trailer below.

In its current state Cloudborn has six levels that can be played all the way through. Over the course of Early Access, the developer plans to add more levels and fix bugs as well as polish the climbing system for launch in three to six months’ time. A PSVR version is also planned for later down the line.

Cloudborn is priced at $14.99, though there’s a 10% discount to $13.49 until October. The price will be going up slightly when the full game is released.

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