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EON Reality and ORU Open Dedicated AR/VR Learning Facility

EON Reality and ORU Open Dedicated AR/VR Learning Facility

Though the entertainment possibilities of augmented and virtual reality are the more immediately intriguing experiences, both forms of tech present a lot of potential in many other industries as well. Augmented reality overlays our surroundings with data and digital imagery, bringing additional layers of information in a convenient way. Virtual reality offers near limitless virtual space to recreate almost anything you can imagine and immerses users into environments they may not be able to experience otherwise. If you combine both of those, you have a malleable palate for education and a new facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma will be taking advantage of this.


EON Reality, a company who’s spin-off sports division is helping NFL teams to incorporate VR into training, collaborated with Oral Roberts University to create a dedicated facility for augmented and virtual learning. Opening its doors last November, The Global Learning Center (GLU) contains 8 classrooms, a performance hall that seats 700, a recording studio, and a dedicated VR space.

“We like working with universities that have a forward-looking approach to education,” said CEO of EON Reality Mats W. Johansson in a press release. “They’re the perfect match for the transformative power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality education. As the demands of students change, EON Reality’s AVR platform and software will help match their needs by empowering professors and administrators in delivering innovative and relevant interactive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content to the classroom.” Utilization of AVR also provides an opportunity to reach out to students that can’t make it to the physical location for whatever reasons.

The facility will be powered by EON’s AVR, a learning library that utilizes gamified VR and AR modules across various subjects. As noted in an article about two teachers’ breaking down a VR curriculum, there are legitimate benefits to having a facility centered on immersive tech. Mathews claims that AVR is the first digital and mediated-technology proven to impact students at every level so it will be interesting to see what the long-term effects of the GLU will be as EON Reality also works to establish new facilities in New York and the Dominican Republic.

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