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Eleven Table Tennis Sold 12,000 Copies On Oculus Quest In 2 Weeks

Eleven Table Tennis Sold 12,000 Copies On Oculus Quest In 2 Weeks

Impressive ping pong simulator Eleven Table Tennis released on Oculus Quest on February 27 and in roughly two weeks sold more than 12,000 copies of the $20 game for the standalone headset.

The game by For Fun Labs released in December 2017 on the Oculus Store for Rift and in June 2016 on Steam. Since then, For Fun Labs sold 28,000 copies on the Oculus Store for Facebook’s PC VR headsets Rift and Rift S, and more than 50,000 copies on Steam. Update: For Fun Labs explained that, although the game includes cross-buy with the Rift version of the game available from Oculus, based on their data they are sure more than 12,000 copies sold for Quest.

There’s an active Discord group for the game and a 3D-printed paddle you can make to approximate the weight distribution and feel of an actual paddle in your hand for either Quest or Rift S. It also features the best physics simulation we’ve seen on Quest for table tennis, local Wi-Fi support for a practically lag-free experience, and the developers already updated the game with a preset that instantly and perfectly syncs up with the adapter.

The preset even worked with the mirrored version of the 3D print I used with the left Touch controller for my southpaw Hamilton-branded paddle. The original print has been downloaded more than 700 times from Thingiverse. The Discord group for the game even features a section for coaches to teach other players the finer points of table tennis.

I played a game over the weekend with the creator of the 3D paddle in Germany from the headquarters of my social isolation in my Southern California home and — even with more than 200 milliseconds of latency — the game held up extremely well.

Taken altogether, that’s a lot of a momentum for an incredible experience and the developers say they’re just getting started now that they’ve got it up and running on Quest — so there’s a lot more in store.

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