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Ecosphere Brings A VR Safari To Oculus Quest Next Week

Ecosphere Brings A VR Safari To Oculus Quest Next Week

Get ready for a VR safari on your Oculus Quest when Ecosphere launches next week.

This series of VR videos, recorded in 180 degrees 3D, comes from Phoria. The app offers several encounters with exotic wildlife from across the globe. The experience is narrated by actress and WWF ambassador, Anna Friel. Check out the trailer below.

Ecosphere takes to you the jungles of Borneo, the savannahs of Kenya and the coral reefs of Raja. At each location, you’ll get close encounters with wildlife, including elephants and manta rays. You’ll also meet some of the local people working hard within these areas. This isn’t a game but instead a cinematic experience to sit back and enjoy.

This will be quite different from a lot of the experiences currently available on Quest, then. Traditionally we’ve found live-action 360-degree video be underwhelming, but we’re hoping Ecosphere’s focus on high quality 180 degrees 3D footage will truly transport us to these locations for intimate experiences.

The piece was produced in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Silverback Films Ltd and Oculus. It’s not clear if it will be released for free or have a price attached to it.

Ecosphere lands on Oculus Quest on June 8th, and will be available on Oculus Go, too. It’s already listed in Quest’s coming soon section. Looking for something else? We’ve got a full list of the biggest VR apps releasing on Quest and other VR headsets this month right here.

Will you be checking Ecosphere out? Let us know in the comments below!

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